Bratty kids

People, I need help. I’m absolutely losing my patience with my spoiled, rich students. Today I had students crying because they didn’t know how to do a problem on the test, or because they didn’t have enough time. I was so annoyed I couldn’t even console them. This kids are in high school! Do they […]


So, you remember how I said I’m in love with my friend John? And you remember how I said he was going to come visit me and I was going to flirt all weekend until the subject of us dating came up?! Well, he came by this past weekend, we flirted all weekend, had a […]

Hitting a wall…

I don’t know quite what’s going on, but I know I’m sort of depressed… I have no motivation to do anything. like anything. I came home after work, and I should have worked on lesson plans. I should have made some phone calls, and balanced my checkbook. Instead, I slept, and right now, I’d like […]

What’s the deal?

I’m not afraid to admit that as a single woman in New York, I do my share of internet dating. However, recently I had an epiphany: I don’t attract the kind of guys that I like. I did a reverse search for guys that would date someone like me, and all of them were gangsta […]

Spring Cleaning

Two weekends ago I started my spring cleaning (Yes, I know it is December, but I’m sure most of you didn’t do your spring cleaning either!!). Because ever since my move out of my big beautiful studio into this much smaller room with a very small closet, I’ve had boxes and boxes of stuff to […]

A book report

Well I’m about to finish the first book I’ve read in months, and I have to say, I’m terribly disappointed. Honestly, within the first 50-60 pages, I should’ve put it down, but one of my friends spoke soo highly of it… Here are my complaints, in no particular order: 1. The whole story was a […]


Since putting on my sign-in lock, I’ve learned something very interesting… Old friends that I have no contact with actually read my blog. In some ways, it makes me happy. In other ways, it makes me really worried… You see, these friends are from a time in my life when I still believed in Christianity; […]

What’s up?

Ok people, time to get out of your funk! I know it is cold. I know you are tired, but you need to blog! Out of the 5 that I actually follow on a regular basis has blogged this week! What’s up with that? I need something to read people!!

Big fucking deal

I know this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but today I was really proud of myself for going to work. I’m not going to get into the details of things, but today was definitely a day that I would have called in sick last year. I was so worried […]