Jesus is enough

Today the sermon was about Acts 3 when Peter tells the lame beggar, ‘silver and gold I have none, but what I do have I give you’. My pastor started the service by asking us if all you had was Jesus, would that be enough?  Anyway, initially, I responded, absolutely. But the more I listened, […]

Know what I find annoying? people and their opinions! esp when they are super obnoxious about it. Guess what? I don’t care what you think?!

At my limit

I know y’all are tired of my whining, but I’m done. I genuinely don’t think I can do this. These are the hardest kids I’ve ever taught. I know what the problems are but I don’t think I can fix them.  And I’m so angry with my principal. This is exactly why I didn’t want […]

Isaac illustrated

Well folks, sorry I didn’t update sooner, but I did survive the hurricane. Here’s my very anti-climatic story… It all started Sunday night with the news of an impending hurricane. I went to school Monday knowing kids and teachers would be a buzz with conversation about Isaac. School Board had a meeting about possibility of […]

I’m learning not fight when God closes a door. *chanting* let it go, let it go, let it go… In the meantime, I’m off to find a distraction.