Recently I’ve been feeling extra broken. Over the summer, so many things came up and it has sort of brought me back to the difficult place I was when I moved home two years ago. And I think this time it has been harder, because I feel like, weren’t things suppose to be better by […]


I don’t really want to talk about it as I’m fighting so hard not give up, but I’m so frustrated. so soo frustrated. I hate traditional school. It is so outdated and inefficient. We know there are better ways; there are proven, exemplar schools, but people won’t change and the kids suffer. OMG!

Limping Along

This week was my first full week with my freshman. It hasn’t been bad and they aren’t bad, but I’ve been struggling. For the first three days I literally couldn’t breath due to stress; it was like a big fat man was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t take deep breaths. Finally by Thursday […]