You sneaky little thing . . .

When I saw you today, I was speechless.You had been hiding from me, trying to stick around to haunt me,to remind me of my mistakes and things I had done wrong.You were suppose to be gone.I thought I had sucked all the remnants of you out of my life,and yet, you made your way back. […]

oh yeah, I forgot to add this to yesterday’s list about LSU . . . somehow my ticket for being “unregistered” made it way to my fee bill . . . interesting how they knew whose fee bill to put that ticket on, especially since the car is unregistered . . . in other ponderings […]

stupid things LSU does . . .

1. Objective 6. Increase funding sources to support Objectives 1-5 [I found this in our “flagship” agenda.] 2. This is from an article about LSU closing Kirby-Smith (the largest dorm and the only male-only dorm on campus)    “A very low number [of students] reapplied to live in Kirby-Smith. . . Current rates for a two-student […]

The ’06 Trunk Fiasco

I have exciting news! MY TRUNK OPENS! Thanks to Nick Calloway, my hero from my last post. Below is a slideshow of my trunk opening. I like to open and close it just because I can. It is an amazing thing. (especially since it is a trunk [do you hear the sarcasm?]) Anyway, so here […]