Counting my blessings

Today I was challenged to stop feeling sorry for myself and count my blessings.  So here I go: 1. I have a job, and I have always been employed. 2. I have an amazing family and extended family that loves me more than I deserve. 3. Soon I will see my niece and nephew… My […]

Feeling broken

well I thought it is was over, but John surprisingly responded to my email.  That then led to a couple more emails, but we’re really no closer to fixing anything.  He just isn’t open to talking, and so I’m just left hurting.  I think I realized that John was keeping a lot of secrets.  When […]

Final chapter

I love when I finally write the finally chapter of a bad relationship…  So John and I are done, like I don’t think we’ll even be friends… It started with me asking for him to help me drive the truck, which he can’t do.  I’m ok with that.  I asked him very last minute.  But […]


Where do I even start? 1st. I’m moving this weekend, and so far, everything seems good.  But part of this move is me driving a 16 ft truck with a trailer from NY to Baltimore. And tonight, as I was falling asleep, I realized… What was I thinking?!?! a 16 ft truck?! That is the […]

Thoughts to ponder

Once again, thank you Gilmore Girls for helping me during my break up. I don’t know quite what it means yet. It is just thoughts to ponder… EMILY: Christopher is immature, often foolish, and a little lacking in common sense. He doesn’t always make the best choices. LORELAI: Like with me? Are you saying he […]

Feeling maudlin…

Simple Together by Alanis Morissette You’ve been my golden best friendNow with post-demise at handCan’t go to you for consolationCause we’re off limits during this transitionThis grief overwhelms meIt burns in my stomachAnd i can’t stop bumping into thingsI thought we’d be simple togetherI thought we’d be happy togetherThought we’d be limitless togetherI thought we’d be […]

Another step forward

I know everyone is tired of reading about my broken heart, but I sort through my feelings by talking about it and I won’t stop talking about it until I sort through it.  The good news is I think I’ve figured something else out. Last night I was thinking about all the things I’d tell […]

Having mixed emotions

At this point, I wish I could settle on an emotion, and an appropriate reaction.  Here are my choices: 1. Feeling angry and telling him off 2. Feeling angry and holding my tongue 3. Feeling angry and trying to fix it 4. Feeling zen and letting everything will work itself out Honestly, I think I […]


For one of my classes, I made up grades.  I know, I’m a terrible teacher, but here’s my justification: 1. I saw this class once a week for half of the year. And a majority of that time, they either cancelled the class or only half the girls would show up for one reason or […]

With every new day

I realize more and more how much John does not care about me.  Every day I think, maybe today he’ll return my call or respond to my email, but he doesn’t. I don’t even understand it.  Who doesn’t return a voicemail when the other person is crying and apologizing?  Who doesn’t respond to an email? […]