so not much new in my life. I almost won scrabble last night, but Voight is not a word. wierd, huh? it looks like a word. Well I am going to be a neologist (someone who makes up words) right now . . . voight-  a facial expression that is meant to convey a message, […]

so today I should have started cleaning on my junky apartment. what did I do instead? sat on my ass, watched two movies and gained weight. woo hoo for fat ballet dancers, right Wendi? Stupid thing # 8,437 that Amy did . . . goes to the store (while on the phone), buys ice cream […]

ok so I am back. Although I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, I have been doing the school thing, so it is probably good that I have been gone . . . . well I wanted to post this post on Tuesday, so for the sake of the post, pretend […]

God I wish I had telepathy! and I wish the internet convey tone of voice, and that I did not have school tomorrow and that I did not have to work tomorrow and that I had a million dollars! Hmpf! *going off to pout* P.S. so in the last week I barely got more than […]

well I am sorry that nothing really exciting, funny or stupid has happened to me in the last couple of weeks. My blog has gotten really boring . . . . . But please bare with me for a couple more post, I am sure something is just around the corner! so, yesterday I almost […]

so I know I need a new post, but I don’t know what to talk about . . . I am really bummed, because I had upped my car payments (so that my car will be paid off in Dec . . . YEAH! 10 payments left!), but for some reason they did not up […]

“Sometimes people don’t want to fall in love.Because when you love someoneit’s too late to set conditions.You can’t sayI’ll love you if you do thisor I’ll love you if you change thatbecause you can’t help yourselfand then you have to livewith whoever it is you fall in love withhowever they areand just put up with […]

so I have alot to talk about . . . 1st. I had a great Valentine’s Day! I got several Valentines and then went to an amazing dinner party thrown by a friend. I love Valentine’s Day, which brings me to my 2nd point . . . All of those that hate Valentine’s Day JUST […]

ATTENTION! WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES AT THIS TIME (my camera ran out of battery ) BUT WHEN WE RETURN (when my camera’s battery is charged), WE PROMISE FUNNY PICS OF AMY’S HAPPY DANCE . . . . . . . although why she is doing her happy dance will not be revealed . . […]

so I am sitting here watching the olympics, which is probably alot of what I will be doing in the next two weeks . . . esp if Angelique is in control of the remote (I love you, girl, but do we have to tape EVERY HOUR of the olympics?! ), but that is all […]