Today was a very bad first day back. I don’t want to go into it all because it’s isn’t helping to talk about it… You’ve been let down, it’s trueYour pain is so easy to seeYou’re hunted by your historyAnd it feels like you’ve got no escape Your life left you high and dryYou used […]


I’m super frustrated right now, and I’m super frustrated with myself… I’m miserable. I’m miserable at my job, and I’m miserable in life, and I’m miserable to be around. And I wish I could just get over it all. Why do I let this keep me down? Why do I let it bother me?  We […]

Good-bye, Grandpa.

It’s been a tough week. I called my grandma on Saturday, and I could tell things were not ok. She told me Grandpa has been difficult and she didn’t think she could handle him. He was diagnosed about 5 years ago with congestive heart failure, and has been in a steady decline for the last […]