Crazy story… found out that the daughter of a serial killer and the son of one of the victims were in class together at our high school!!!

My best face revealed!

So interestingly, my supposed best face was face D, which only one of you voted for. However, I agree with most of you that B and F are my best, which also happened to be two of the three least preferred photos… The even more interesting fact is that supposedly guys in the 23-30 age […]

Quick Vent

I don’t have too much time to write this and I most definitely need lots of sleep for tomorrow, but I’m kind of struggling with a friend and as usual those kinds of things really get under my skin and I have a hard time letting go of it… So I’m pretty sure one of […]

My Best Face

This is going to be really dumb, but I thought it might be fun… So I do the on-line dating thing and recently one of the sites I use did a user experiment to help you find your best face (ie profile pic). They asked male users to choose a date between two users represented […]

Well I’ll write a full report this weekend, but MD Anderson gave a good report. I’m positive for cancer, but no treatment just monitoring.