Twas the night before…

Cody and I are leaving in the am for my family gathering in Lake Tahoe. I’m surprised I can’t sleep, but I think it is just excitement. I’m still disappointed that my parents won’t be joining us, but I do feel better about it. I talked to my parents two days ago, and they explained […]


Dear Family- I’m very sad about the conflict occurring within the family and that we will not be able to enjoy Thanksgiving as a whole family. Emil, Kat, Mom and Dad, I have no comment, nor a side on your current conflict. I think the less people involved in this, the better. Actually, right now […]

Life Update: Angry 2.0

Dear siblings- After you read the devotional, I need to explain something very important… I know every family has some level of dysfunction, but ours seems more ridiculous because we all claim to be Christians. Instead of doing things the way we always have, how about if we try something new? Let’s talk openly about […]