Old Demons

December was a hard month for many obvious reasons.  Eric died. ugh. I turned 27, and am still single. ugh. My birthday was a reminder that I couldn’t also wish John a happy birthday (it was his birthday too). ugh. and Tushar got married. super ugh. You are probably surprised that he is on my […]

Holding onto Hope

Today is better.  In the last 24 hours, something Mr Jeff told me has been on repeat in my head. I think it happened about 9 months ago, but he was praying for me and said, “I think you are lonely. You are alone at your job. You are alone when you come home. It […]

Wandering Thoughts

I don’t even know where to start… I feel blah. I keep thinking about the psalm, “I lift up my eyes to the hills from where my help comes from”, but I don’t think I have the strength. I think I still feel like I’m waiting for God to show up and show me something, […]

Giving Grace

As you may understand, this past week has been incredibly difficult. My mom and I left Saturday morning for the funereal; Sunday was the visitation and Monday was the funeral and burial. We left right after to drive the 10 hours home. The funeral was difficult enough as is, but there was some added stress […]

Yet I will sing

Eric died yesterday morning. I have lots of thoughts, but no words. Psalm 27:13-14 13 I remain confident of this:    I will see the goodness of the LORD    in the land of the living. 14 Wait for the LORD;    be strong and take heart    and wait for the LORD.

Cousin Update

I’ve decided to try to go see Eric when I get out of school for Christmas holidays. Although I don’t even know if he has that long. I’m afraid to ask. I could take off work, but I think it is safer to save those days for a funeral. I keep telling myself that if […]